The Cracklingsoap productline

What is Cracklingsoap?

Cracklingsoap is a unique hand soap that starts to crackle when you rub it in your hands. It creates a lot of enthusiasm and a glint in children’s eyes. Various studies have shown that hands are generally washed far too little and for too short a time and often in the wrong way. This unnecessarily increases the risk of disease and the spread of viruses. Cracklingsoap is a perfect tool to use as a parent or professional to help get children to wash their hands. It ecomes an interesting experience for them. What we have learnt is that many parents also use it as a reward tool to teach children even more. Whatever you teach children with it; learned young is old done... Cracklingsoap turns washing hands into a party!

The complete RANGE of Cracklingsoap

Cracklingsoap has 4 different variants; all with a different fragrance. Below you can find them all!

Cracklingsoap Fruity

Cracklingsoap Fruity has a nice and fresh apple-pear scent.

Cracklingsoap Sweety

Cracklingsoap Sweety has a sweet tangerine-mango scent.

Cracklingsoap Ocean

The ocean variant has a very fresh and cool scent.

Cracklingsoap Sunshine

The sunshine variant has a sunny scent, a bit like banana.   

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