This award winning educational soap turns washing hands into a party!

The unique crackling hand soap

Cracklingsoap is a unique hand soap that starts to crackle when you rub it in your hands. It creates a lot of enthusiasm and a glint in children’s eyes. Various studies have shown that hands are generally washed far too little and for too short a time and often in the wrong way. This unnecessarily increases the risk of disease and the spread of viruses. Cracklingsoap is a perfect tool to use as a parent or professional to help get children to wash their hands. It ecomes an interesting experience for them. What we have learnt is that many parents also use it as a reward tool to teach children even more. Whatever you teach children with it; learned young is old done ... Cracklingsoap turns washing hands into a party!

Variants of Cracklingsoap

Cracklingsoap Fruity has a nice and fresh apple-pear scent. Cracklingsoap Sweety has a sweet mandarin-mango scent, Cracklingsoap Ocean has a very fresh and cool ocan scent and Cracklingsoap Sunshine has a sunny summer scent, a bit like banana. It is a unique hand soap in foam form that starts to crackle when you rub it in your hands. One small can,can be used to clean hands around 50 to 60 times. In use no water is needed and of course it has been dermatologically tested.  Before use, always read the label on the and you can find more information in the blog below. We are also able to provide educational materials for a handwashing workshop using Cracklingsoap including even a hand washing diploma. 

Award winner !

Cracklingsoap has been rewarded with several awards at Dutch and European level. Including:
* International Student Company of the Year, Europe
* Student Company of the Year, The Netherlands
* Finalist The Next Entrepreneur
And several other concept and innovation awards.

No water needed

Cracklingsoap can be used without water, so it is also perfect on a holiday or day out.

Nourishing effect

Cracklingsoap also has a nourishing effect on skin and is dermatologically tested.


Cracklingsoap is fun to use, creates a glint in the eyes and enthusiasm and is without a doubt the most fun way to learn how to wash your hands properly!

Healthy habbit / fresh and hygienic

Help your kids develop handwashing skills and make thorough handwashing a part of your children’s daily life.

Get your free Cracklingsoap handwashingplan!

When you ask someone how they wash their hands and if they know how to do that best you`ll find out that most people don`t really know. Since this is very important our goal is to educate and help improve everybody`s hand washing habbits.
Rens de Jong
Rens de Jong
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"Good hit! The children's party went wild!"
Enthousiastic mother
Enthousiastic mother
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"My little one now even asks if we can wash our hands again .. "
Mark Rutte , prime minister
Mark Rutte , prime minister
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"This is wonderful, this way you can also get children to wash their hands"
Humberto Tan
Humberto Tan
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"I like it !"

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