Most frequent questions and answers

A can on average lasts for a minimal of 50 times hand washing. And with smaller hands the number can increase quite a bit.

Even after starting using a can it remains a closed system. Cracklingsoap is tested for the official testing period to be of good quality for minimal 3 years, which doesn’t say anything about the period after that. Important thing to know is that the can should not become frozen.

Cracklingsoap has been dermatologically tested with the outcome of “Harmless to the skin”. Besides that it is tested for safe use regarding the Cosmetics Law (1223/2009/EG).  

You can see all available variants by the following link 

Cracklingsoap has the purpose of improving the handwashing skills and frequency of actually everyone. Also we provide a workshop schedule that can be used to give a very nice interactive workshop on schools. 

We provide digital diploma’s for free to schools or organizations who would like to give a diploma as a reward, for example combined with the workshop. 

Cracklingsoap can best be stored at room temperature. It gives the best effect when used.

Kids have to use Cracklingsoap under supervision of an adult, because it should not be used in combination with fire, it is a pressurized can and it is flammable. For example also like a lot of types of hairsprays, deodorants and toilet sprays are. 

If you are interested in Cracklingsoap, you can contact us directly by sending an email at info@cracklingsoap.com.  

Cracklingsoap wants to contribute to improving handwashing (and education) by making it fun.

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